Justin Bieber Lyme disease: Confirmed personally

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Justin Bieber has confirmed his battle with Lyme disease for the first time and will detail the trip in his new documentary.

Therefore, the wealthy young singer will release his new film Seasons on December 27, giving his fans a glimpse of what he is up to in the past year.

Also, he will reveal some details about the recording of his upcoming album.

Let go back the Instagram post, Justin Bieber Said in: “Although many people have said that Justin Bieber looked like ***, methamphetamine, not only that, but had a case severe from monochronic that affected my skin, my brain function, energy and overall health” which confirmes the rumors about his health battles.

The disease has hit many celebrities in recent years. In 2015 the infected Bella Bella model was revealed. In the same year that singer Avril Lavigne was diagnosed as well. In 2016, actor Chris Christoferson discovered that he was suffering from memory loss due to illness.

So we pray that Justin will get better and win against it for definitely.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published Jan. 8, 2020.


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