Logan Paul vs Ksi 1 highlights

Now that the fight between Logan Paul vs Ksi has ended, its time for criticism, Paul has lost again, After all the word of mouth from him, I thought he was going to win an that we are going to watch a strong fight, but once the fight started. the thriller has ended.

the performance was too low so that the most of comments on their fight voted for the fight to be unprofessional and does not worth paying for.

What do you think? watch and compare, and tell share your opinion with us.

this 1st fight between the YouTuber Logan Paul and KSI was criticized a lot, some say that both have no boxing skills while others see it like MMA fight, what’s your opinion.

2nd fight, Did Logan Paul got stronger?

Here comes the second fight between these two Logan paul vs Ksi, this has also the same criticism as the 1st fight, in which both Logan Paul loses.

the majority of youtube comments on this two-fights agree that they are “unprofessional fighters”

We want some professional to tell us which one of them is more skilled than the other.

For me comparing between the two fights, I can see that the two of them has built some strong ABS, but boxing is not only about ABS, its also about tactics.




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