Playstation 5 Release date

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  • when playstation 5 release date when playstation 5 coming out ?

there were thousands of questions about the new playstation5 release date, today in “PlayStation 5 e3 event” 12/06/2020, which was the answer for all of them. sony has announced its PS5 and shared the hardware Reveal trailer. and there were so many surprises.

Ps5 official trailer:

Source : Sony

With millions of viewers watching the launch event, Sony has given its fan ps5 official look, and we can say by reading through the comments that the most of them liked its designs. while just few of them have already started creating memes around it.

Ps5 design: what do I think about it?

Ps5 Console Design

Just a few months before the PlayStation 5 trailer announced, there was a flood of Playstation 5 designs that are claimed as “leaked ps5 design”.

but in reality, non of them looks to real ps5 design, not even closer, as you can see in the video above, Ps5 has really a very futuristic look, which I personally “as a designer” like.

I can say this is the best design of all the Playstation series, with nice and smooth rounded edges. and the glowing blue light that comes inside out gives it a much futuristic look.

Dualsense Controller designs

the Dualsense is the followup of the Dualshock PlayStation gamepads, and as we can see in the video, there was a slight difference from the last PS5 Dualshock 5, this one ‘PlayStation Dualsense controller’ is getting more similar to the Xbox gamepad.

Playstation 5 games: The announced titles

playstation 5 games

with over 26 new PlayStation 5 games, the New sony console is getting ready to hit the market with awsome games and stunning graphics, you can watch all these games trailers here on techradare


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