Rico vs Badr 2 rematch was finished and the winner is Rico.
and the battle, GLORY Collision 2, is scheduled for December 21 this year 2019.

Rico vs Badr 2: who will be the winner?

Highlights: Who dominated the fight and Why Badr lost!!

What an amazing fight will it be.

These two World Heavyweight Champion kickboxers had trained so much and built more muscles since the last fight where Badr Hari lost against Rico.

due to an injury to his right arm during the second round of the battle, the reason which disqualified him as he was unable to continue fighting.

But the two rivals were unsatisfied with the result, they were expecting more from each other and Badr did not let it finish there.

The golden boy ( as he is called in Morrocco) was planning to make this his last fight, He was planning to win, but the battle did go as he expected, He did not want to lose that way, neither Rico Verhoeven wants to win that way, so he made a promise to fight against Rico once again when he gets well, also as he always does, he claimed that he will kick Rico’s **s out of the ring and win the battle.

Therefore, both the legend Badr Hari & Rico Verhoeven showed their excitement for the fight on their Instagram account.

this glory battle ” Rico Vs Badr 2″ is taking the internet by storm, This is almost the end of the year, whos year will it be, vote for your winner and share your opinion with us.

Rico vs Badr 3 : will it happen?

Rico Verhoeven says:

Let us know what do you think, will there be a 3rd fight between these two big fighters?


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